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Flat Bar

Flat Bar

Flat bars are mainly used to manufacture electrical and mechanical parts, but are also used as decorative elements.

Our flat bars can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, as seen in the diagram.

Manufacturing size range of flat bars: width and thickness (in mm).


Types of flat bars:

Standard flat bar with square corners

Flat bar with rounded sides

Flat bar with rounded corners

Delivery condition Drawn product, as manufactured
Standard alloys Ref. N17: CuZn40Pb2 (other alloys: please consult us)
Standard lengths If cross-section < 3000 m¾, between 3 and 4 m -0/+50 mm
If cross-section > 3000 m¾, between 2 and 3 m -0/+50 mm
Tolerances ISO J13

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