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Brass Profiles

Bhavin Impex makes brass profiles in a wide variety of shapes so that we can meet the different needs of various industrial applications as well as the specific needs of architects and designers.

We can manufacture brass profiles in any shape and for any specific use requested by the customer, from very simple to the most complex shapes.


Some examples of simple shapes are: angles, channels, tees, and half rounds as seen in this figure:

Simple Shape Rods

These kind of profiles, made by us in lengths from 3 to 5 meters, are used in numerous applications: interior decoration, building, furnishings, doors and windows.

Delivery condition As extruded, straightened
Standard alloys Ref. N20: CuZn41Pb1Al (other alloys: consult us)
Standard lengths Between 3 and 5 m
Tolerances Sizes < or = 40 mm = ISO J14;
> 40 mm = ISO J15


Combining excellent mechanical and chemical properties with good corrosion resistance and workability, the brass sections fully meet the requirements of industrial applications. Some examples of sections, which we can supply in lengths from 3 to 4 meters, are represented in the figure below:


EN 12167 designation
a) Physical condition in accord. with EN12167; b) Tolerances on dim.;
c) Lengths; d) Packing type
Symbol Number
CuZn39Pb3 CW614N

a) as-extruded or drawn depending on the profile shape or use;
b) Iso J13 (drawn) Iso J14-J15 (as-extruded);
c) in straight length 3000 mm to 4000 mm;
d) wooden box

CuZn40Pb2 CW617N
CuZn41Pb1Al CW620N


The lock industry requires reliability and durability. Our products, supplied in bundles or boxes in lengths from 3 to 4 metres, fully guarantee these requirements.

Lock Secctions

Delivery condition Extruded, straightened or drawn depending on the shape or use
Standard alloys Ref. N14 : CuZn39Pb3
Ref.N17 : CuZn40Pb2
Ref.N18 : CuZn40Pb2Al
Ref.N20 : CuZn40Pb1Al
Standard lengths Straight lengths from 3 to 4m
Tolerances ISO J13 (drawn),
ISO J14-J15 (extruded)
Packaging In bundles or in boxes

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