About Bhavin Impex

A part of The Sayani Group, since its inception, the company has rapidly grown with a number of significant expansions;

The inception in 2001 with a single manufacturing facility of around 500 sq. mt. only;

As of 2013, having more than 500,000 sq. mt. in total for manufacturing & warehousing of Copper, Brass, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel products, and all production & warehousing facilities are setup separately;

A facility for Copper Alloys Casting of Ingots/Billets & Extruded Rods/Bars;

A facility for Brass, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Machining (manual & automated);

A facility for Brass, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel CNC machining;

A facility for Brass, Mild Steel & Stainless Steel Forgings;

A separate facility for Import, Storage & Trading of Copper, Brass & Zinc Scraps.

A facility for storage of all finished – ready to ship materials for our more than 300 overseas customers.

A facility in Dubai-UAE for warehousing & distribution of all finished materials ready to ship our more than 200 customers in the Middle East & Africa.

Using multiple manufacturing & warehousing set-up for different types of products, we have built a strong reputation for production of the highest quality Castings, Extrusion, CNC Machined Parts and Forging Parts, serving more than 300 overseas customers in most sectors including Aerospace, Automotive, Building Materials (Plumbing & Hardware Products), Defense, Electrical & Electronics, Lighting, Medical, Scientific Instrumentation & Telecommunications.

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