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Brass Ingot

Brass Ingot

We specialize in the manufacturing of high quality, spot free, mirror polish Brass Ingots. All the top sanitary fitting manufacturers across India use our ingots extensively. They have benefitted with much reduced rejections and excellent finished product quality.

No other material matches the glaze and multifarious usability of brass. That is why, early people preferred brass for multiple usages like jewelries and accessories, utensils sculptures and many other purposes. Brass enabled mankind to sustain their art and creativity for generation. The fine artistry and designs done in the brass are the evidence of their enriched culture and heritage,Brass ingots are on the finest examples of brass casting. These ingots are used for shaping images and sculptures for many other moldings.

Although ingots are made up of other metals as well, but the class and glaze of brass ingots is simply unmatchable. Brass ingots can be easily molded yet requiring a great deal of skill.In the present times, there are several new designs for brass ingots that are used to compose newer sculpts that are pleasantly unique. Also, brass ingots are availed at the least rates in the market making it affordable for everyone.

 Physical Properties
Grade B.S. 
1400: 1985
2% PS
N/mm Min
Tensile Strength
N/mm Min
% Min
Hardness Min
SCB1 75/25        
SCB2 70/30        
SCB3 65/35 70 180 12 45
SCB4/YBSC3 60/40 70 250 20 45
SCB5 90/10        
SCB6 85/15 70 160 20 45

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